Truth and common sense

ONE of the recent forms of ‘cool’ idealism, I am told, is known as Post Modernism, which develops the concepts of political correctness to even stranger and more...

Rebuilding relationships

ONE of the problems of remote living is the need for a preparedness to tackle all manner of practical issues. So, this past week saw the failure...

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Something has to change

THE most beautiful words, “But, I love you.”  The most painful words, “I love you, but.” Change is inevitable but how we respond to change...

Truth and common sense

90% cotton wool

Carry on cruising to the Costa de Almeria

Mojácar asks for provincial water support

El Ejido crime numbers fall

Almeria union is supporting Catalan public employees

Thief uses getaway bike after robberies

Three arrested in fake social club drugs bust

Almeria drought concerns addressed