Jos Biggs

Jos Biggs
Freelance contributor to the Sol Times

Shot to shreds

TEAM BIGGS, as slick and well organised a team as you could wish to meet, were participating in the Almanzora Group of Friends Treasure...

The world and the wheels

PETE, who is struggling a bit at the moment, has had to accept that perhaps a wheelchair would be a good thing. The idea is...

A charmed day? #3

THE day was still sunny, the larks would still have been twittering, had there been any in the vicinity of Mora Oil’s car wash. Henry...

A charmed day?

‘TWAS a bright and sunny day; the larks were twittering, the dog was asleep, and I had a long list of random tasks to...

Calculated insubordination

I LIKE to think that I rule my little empire with a kindly hand. I make no great and onerous demands upon my subjects – I...

90% cotton wool

PETE was out of pain pills – he needed a repeat prescription. This little wrinkle of bureaucracy is essential to prevent the terminally stupid...

Ten years of progression

OVER the years I have progressed. Some of it has been good – moving to Spain, for instance. Some of it has been inevitable but...

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