Alastair Stewart

Alastair Stewart
Alastair Stewart is a freelance writer and journalist based in Edinburgh and Almería and regularly writes about politics, history and culture for magazines across Europe.

He was formerly a press officer at the Scottish Parliament. He graduated from Edinburgh University with an MA in International Relations.

Brits abroad must help support stray cats and dogs

ON a recent trip to Greece, I was struck by the number of stray cats and dogs. After some research, I discovered I was not...

Shouldn’t International Men’s Day be as important as the female equivalent?

INTERNATIONAL Women’s Day (March 8) is a hugely important awareness campaign that drives the message that women, across the world, are belittled and violated...

Lights, camera, Salmond!

FOR “whom the gods would destroy they first make mad” said Prometheus, as he learned of Alex Salmond’s new RT-backed television show. After more than...

The rise of the social media wedding

“ARE we crazy, living life through a lens?’ said one of the great philosophers of our time. Well, it was Katy Perry. And it...

Kevin Spacey has betrayed his fans and they’re hurting too

IT'S wrong to discuss the accusations against Kevin Spacey in a cerebral way. Few commentators are legal experts, and it’s impossible to comprehend, save...

Why irredentism explains Brexit

IRREDENTISM is any political or popular movement intended to reclaim and reoccupy an area that the movement’s members consider “lost” or “unredeemed”. Most people...

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Brits abroad must help support stray cats and dogs

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