Police stop girl from throwing herself onto railway in Almeria City

JUMP ATTEMPT: Officers found the girl on a bridge on the Avenida del Mediterraneo CREDIT: Google Maps

NATIONAL POLICE officers have stopped a 17-year-old girl from jumping off a bridge onto a railway line below in Almeria City.

Police sources said they were alerted to the girl on their 091 line by a witness at around 3am yesterday (Thursday). The onlooker told them she was on a bridge on the Avenida del Mediterraneo.

Officers arrived at the scene to find the 17-year-old standing on the bridge and crying, looking down onto the tracks and breathing heavily.


Two officers spoke to her in an effort to calm her down and learn her name and personal information.

Two others approached her from behind as they did so and were able to grab her and pull her away from the edge of the bridge.

The 17-year-old tried to break loose and throw herself onto the tracks. Police were able to hang onto her by the abdomen and brought her to the road side away from the edge.

Officers took the girl to Almeria City’s Torrecardenas Hospital where she was examined by the duty doctor. She was then taken to a police station where her mother came to meet her.

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