Coast guards rescue 111 migrants and transfer them to Almeria City’s port

RESCUED: Coast guards picked up a total of 111 people CREDIT: Salvamento Maritimo, via Twitter (file photo)

MARITIME rescue personnel picked up a total of 111 people yesterday (Sunday) from two boats in the Alboran Sea bound for Spain.

Spain’s Salvamento Maritimo said they received several alerts about the boats yesterday morning. Coast guards, Guardia Civil officers and a European Border Control Agency plane were despatched to find them.

The Salavmar Polimnia ship picked up 59 people from one boat and a Guardia Civil patrol boat rescued a further 52 people from another.


The migrants were taken to Almeria City’s port where they arrived at around 9pm. Coast guards continued patrolling the Alboran Sea with the Salvamar Polimnia and a light aircraft to monitor for more boats attempting to cross.

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  1. Merkel’s Germany is horrified at Spain’s new welcome mat and open borders….. yes, it is THAT bad. Brace for the value of your assets to plummet. This will teach people to take more interest in politics ~ perhaps.


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