BLUE WINE: Almeria winemakers woo French with blue Vindigo

CHIN CHIN: Vindigo is at the forefront of the new blue wine craze CREDIT: Vindigo Facebook

WINEMAKERS in Almeria have launched a blue wine which is currently being sold in the south of France.

Vindigo is a pure chardonnay that is marketed as being 100 per cent natural despite its colour. Makers said the wine, priced between €12 and €18, got its colour from the wine being filtered through a pulp of red grape skins.

Rene Le Bail, who is currently selling the wine in Sete in southeast France, said it was ideal as tipple to have before a meal.


“On the beach or by the swimming pool- it’s 11 per cent which means it’s not a super strong wine. It has a fruity taste, there’s cherry, passion fruit and blackberry. It’s a festive wine,” he said.

La Bail has reportedly ordered 35,000 bottles of Vindigo, which is currently only available in Sete.

The sale of the Almeria-made wine comes as a Spanish startup, Gik, launched what they claimed was the world’s first blue wine in the Basque Country in 2016.

It was pulled from French supermarkets due to its labels being in English and no explanation included as to how the wine got its colour, breaking the country’s regulations.

The pulp of red grape skins, which the wine is filtered through to give it its colour, contains athocyanins. It is a natural substance found in blueberries, raspberries, black soybeans and black and red grapes.

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