Andalucia Junta spends more than €30,000 on Almeria City La Alcazaba restoration works

WALL WORKS: The team are working at the La Alcazaba fortress CREDIT: Junta de Andalucia

WORKERS have begun restoring a section of the walls of the La Alcazaba after the Junta de Andalucia made thousands available in funds to the fortress.

The works, overseen by the Junta’s culture department, have been launched in a bid to shore up a section of the castle’s north wall. The Junta funding totals €30,208.

Workers are repairing a stretch of wall that encloses an area which has been used for multiple purposes since the 10th century.


They have been using digital technology to survey the wall to find its original Islamic section and later modifications.

It was at one time used as a barracks and also a warehouse and workshop, according to plans dating from 1885.

Specialists said the use of different building materials on the same stretch of wall showed it had been repurposed several times.

The works follow a series of excavations last month which examined breaks in the wall with a view to assessing it for the current repairs.

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