Almeria Province’s emergency health line takes more than 42,000 calls in first half of 2018

CALL STATS: Operators have taken thousands of calls CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons (archive)

OPERATORS at Almeria Province’s 061 emergency health line took a total of 42,312 calls in the first half of this year.

The amount of calls made to the line during the first months of this year was 4.6 per cent higher than during the same period in2017.

Data from emergency services showed operators took an average of 232 calls a day. About 66 per cent of them were for emergencies and personnel were despatched to people in 58 per cent of the total number of calls.


Almost 12 per cent of calls were resolved over the phone without crews being despatched, according to the data.

The leading type of illness called out for was the alteration of people’s vital signs such as in cases of them fainting or having suspected heart attacks. These made up more than a quarter of all call outs.

They were followed by non-traumatic pain such as in the chest or back at 14.4 per cent, breathing problems at 9.1 percent, traumatisms, 8.6 and psychiatric problems at 6.2. A total of 3.4 per cent of calls were to do with traffic accidents.

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