Woman jailed for three years over daughter abuse appeals sentence at Almeria court

APPEAL: Almeria’s Provincial Court is set to hear the appeal Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A WOMAN has lodged an appeal at Almeria’s Provincial Court after being sentenced to three years, eight months and 15 days in prison for physically and verbally abusing her daughters.

Almeria’s Criminal Court ruled the woman had acted with “firmness and persistence” in the course of her assaults on her 21 and 15-year-old children. The judge said the abuse amounted to “permanent psychotic violence”.

The court heard she had caused one of her daughters to bleed after grabbing her by the neck while she hurled insults at her. She also attacked both of them with a shoe.


The case came to trial in part due to a complaint made by the 21-year-old woman who told the court her and her sister would eat at her grandparents’ home to avoid her.

The father of the 21-year-old and 15-year-old also sued the defendant over a failure to make payments.

Maintenance payments from the father were deposited in the 21-year-old’s bank account because of a lack of trust in the defendant, the court heard.

The woman twice refused to accept community work sentences, instead opting to take a jail term. The appeal is still pending.

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