STOP! Your dirty habits

PLUCK SAKE: Don´t pluck your eyebrows immediately before applying makeup. ©ShutterStock

Dirty habits

WE are creatures of habit.

But did you know that even habits that can seem inconsequential can have a negative effect on your health and beauty.


Here are four things that you probably do every day which not only impact your health but also your physical appearance.

If you drink a lot of milk, particularly more than one litre a day, then you are consuming too much fat. Just one cup of milk contains 7.93g  of fat so you can see how that can build up.

Having said that, doctors do recommend that you drink some milk due to its high calcium content, just take note that you don´t drink too much.

Another habit you might regularly do is cross your legs. However, doing so limits the flow of blood through your arteries and can cause numbness, increased pressure and even varicose veins in the legs.

You also might need to amend your Saturday night routine. Plucking or waxing your eyebrows immediately before applying your makeup causes chemicals in your makeup to come into direct contact with your pores. Your skin will absorb this and it may cause irritation. The ideal time to pluck or wax is to do so with clean skin.

One of our main bad habits is touching our face. However, we are simply covering our face with all the bacteria that our hands have gathered during the day, which increases the risks of skin infections.

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