One in four forest fires in Andalucia happens in Almeria

FIRE FIGHTING: A total of 34.1 hectares were affected by forest fires in Almeria. ©Plan INFOCA, via Twitter

FIREFIGHTERS were called out to 57 forest fires and woodland blaze-related incidents from January to June, equivalent to one in every four such callouts in Andalucia according to data.

The figure is equal to almost 24 per cent of the total number of such fires emergency services were called out to throughout the Andalucia region.

There was a total of 238 fire-related incidents recorded in the region, according to data from the Plan INFOCA forest fire prevention body.


The authority’s figures shows there was a total of 14 hectares of woodland burned in Almeria, compared to 316.4 across the region.

The figure for Andalucia’s woodland and scrubland combined was 330 hectares, or an average of 55 hectares a month since the start of the year.

The total amount of woodland affected but necessary scorched by forest fires stood at 34.1 hectares in Almeria. The data comes as Almeria has already seen four wildfires in the first week of this month.

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