Almeria City court to hear case of 40 accused in social security fraud trial

APPEAL: Almeria’s Provincial Court is set to hear the appeal Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A TOTAL of 40 defendants accused of defrauding social security out of hundreds of thousands of euros through false contracts are set to stand trial in Almeria City today (Monday).

Prosecutors claimed in their submissions to the provincial court in the city that the main defendant used a company to create the non-existent work contracts which he then sold on.

These people could then apply for payouts including unemployment benefits from the social security system.


Prosecutors have requested the defendant be handed a five-year prison sentence and be fined €900,000 if found guilty. They have also asked for the court to order him to pay back the €327,184.07 he is accused of costing social security.

They have also requested the other defendants be jailed for two years, fined €3,240 and be disqualified from claiming state benefits for six years.

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