Some 43 migrants missing in the Mediterranean after vessel sank

MISSING: Coastguard saves four migrants but 43 still missing ©salvamentogob/Twitter

SPANISH coastguard rescued four people in the Mediterranean, but the 43 others who were aboard their sunken boat are still missing.

The ‘Ariadne’ ship spotted several people in the water on Saturday night and called coastguard headquarters who launched a helicopter and lifeboat to rescue them.

Two of the migrants boarded Ariadne and the helicopter picked up the other pair and transported them to Almeria hospital.


Despite suffering from “severe hypothermia,” they managed to tell authorities that there were 43 other people on the craft which sank.

A multi-service mission has been operating since Saturday night to locate the disappeared but has so far been unsuccessful.

All four of the rescued migrants remain in Almeria’s Torrecardenas Hospital.

And 57 more migrants, including 14 women, arrived in Almeria on Sunday after coastguard rescued them from their vessel, which had departed from Morocco.

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