Sea divers pull out waste from Almeria bay to raise awareness

DEEP CLEAN: A diver cleaning Almeria’s sea-bed rescues a chair ©AlmeriaJunta/Twitter

VOLUNTEER divers have been pulling out all kinds of waste from Almeria’s sea bed to raise awareness ahead of the World Environment Day today.

Divers and other volunteers have been collaborating with Andalucia government’s Nautical Activities Centre in a range of marine consciousness-building initiatives.

One of the strangest underwater finds was a Volkswagen Golf car, which had to be registered with authorities to arrange a crane to lift it out.


Dives began in the waters near Almeria’s Cable Ingles mining relic and will continue into the week.

Other debris rescued included car tyres, cable ends, anchors, cans, metal bars and much more.

In many cases the scrap had been intentionally thrown into the sea or otherwise dragged there by winds or floods, according to the centre.

The Nautical Activities Centre tries to remove floating debris throughout the year, especially small and medium objects like boxes and wooden planks, the organization said.

“Unfortunately, the rest sinks, contaminating the marine environment for ever, unless specialized divers take action like they have done in this case,” Alfredo Valdivia, the region’s sport minister said.

The Nautical Activities Centre has also programmed talks – which will take place before marine sporting activities – to raise awareness about marine contamination.

There is also intense work being carried out on social media, showing the waste items dredged from the ocean floor.

The Andalucia Subaquatic Activities Federation (FAAS), which collaborated with the campaign, is one of the main autonomous organisations of its kind in Spain.

The FAAS supports a full range of subaquatic sports in the region. It is headquartered in Almeria, with 4,000 members and more than 60 clubs subscribed.

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