Mojacar council clarifies social media mix-up


FOLLOWING a number of misleading articles on social media and in the press on the subject of Pleno Meetings, Mojacar Council would like to clear up any misunderstanding or confusion and explain how they work.

The dates of Ordinary Council Pleno meetings in Spain are agreed at the beginning of each new four-year term of office.

In Mojacar, the day and date agreed by all parties at the start of the current term was set as the last Thursday of every second month.


The disputed Ordinary Pleno Meeting fell on the day of Holy Thursday, an Andalucian bank holiday and therefore, it could not be held.

To compensate for the meeting that could not be held on Holy Thursday, the following meeting included additional time for any other business.

With regard to Extraordinary Council Meetings, opposition parties requested that one should be held at the end of last year with a demand for information on certain subjects.

The law states that these meetings must be held within a certain period, with a provision that if the documentation required is extensive, which in that case it was, an extension is given.

The meeting was then called within the allowed period, but councillors who demanded the meeting failed to attend, wasting everyone’s time, and this is why the Council wishes to explain the matter.

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