“Miserable” salaries for 63 per cent of Almeria’s workers

PRECARIOUS: CCOOs Almeria chief Antonio Valdivieso during a march in January ©CCOO Andalucia

A RECENT study uncovered two out of three people earn less than €1,000 per month in Almeria, despite the provincial economy growing 3.2 per cent in 2017.

A total of 182,939 of the province’s 288,514 workers, or 63 per cent, do not reach the €1,000 monthly income mark.

The report was compiled by CCOO or Workers’ Commisions, Spain’s largest trade union.


And 78,912 of employees receive €327 per month, less than half the minimum wage.

Antonio Valdivieso, CCOO’s provincial secretary, said Almerian’s salaries were “miserable.”

He also highlighted two key figures which are obscured by so-called ‘macro-data,’ like the 3.2 per cent economic growth rate.

The first is an “unstoppable” rise in fraudulent employment contracts.

Labour market inspectors are currently picking up 26 per cent of all contracts due to their irregularities.

And the second key figure is the “soaring” proportion of temporary contracts currently standing at 94 per cent.

In addition, 10,000 of the 40,000 jobs lost during the crisis in 2007 have yet to be replaced.

And women’s salary data show they earn on average €2,000 less than men per year.

“The figures are devasting,” CCOO’s Valdivieso said.

And he demanded “urgent measures” to tackle current working conditions.

The study used data from the national government’s 2016 Tax Agency declared by workers and businesses in the province.

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