€215.1 million Murcia AVE train deal signed

WIZZING-BY: high speed trains can reach up to 300km/h ©Shutterstock

THE fast speed train line works between Almeria and Murcia have been contracted to constructors at a value of €215.1 million.

The largest individual sum was for the 25.7 Pulpi-Vera stretch worth €206.9 million. It is estimated to take around 30 months to complete the line.

It will accommodate both normal speed and super-fast trains shooting by at anywhere between 100 km/h and 300 km/h.


The line will run one-way from Pulpí, Cuevas de Almanzora and Vera, splitting into a double-track route from Vera-Almanzora station until the end of the journey.

In other developments, changes to Cartagenas’ construction plans now make an underground rail route to the city unnecessary, saving around “four or five” years on construction time. Cartagenas’ fast tracks are now due to be ready by 2022, Adif, Spain’s railway infrastructure administration, said.

The tunneling of the new station was unnecessary because there are no homes or urban development planned in the areas, according to an Adif statement.

Works in Murcia’s southern districts are already underway and causing significant disruption to locals. The extended closure of a level crossing at Senda de los Garres has forced residents to walk an extra kilometer down the tracks to Santiago El Mayor, where the next crossing is.

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