Man arrested in Almeria over ‘fake weapon’ shock

NEAR MISS: Couple approached by man waving ‘fake weapon’ while parked in their car. ©Shutterstock & Guardia Civil

A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of violently threatening a couple with a fake weapon as they sat in their car.

The suspect, referred to only as LJMG, is said to have approached the parked vehicle head on, waving the hoax pistol and pointing it at the couple.

“The person sat in the passenger seat left the car and ran inside a nearby property to ask for help while the driver got out and tried to calm the person down.


He finally got into a nearby vehicle and sped off,” according to a Guardia Civil statement. Police launched a search to find the suspect and car.

They later found the man in a ‘very nervous state’ near the Gran Plaza shopping centre in Roquetas de Mar.

But his vehicle and the suspected weapon had still not been found so investigators were sent to a nearby garage.

They soon located the vehicle together with several rounds and a firearm magazine, with the weapon eventually recovered after the suspect threw it on the ground. The man is now being held in custody and awaiting trial.

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