Cleanup time: Expat group takes rubbish war on road

LITTER PICKING: The group collected some 1.5 tons of litter while on their outing in

VOLUNTEERS from expat groups have visited Garrucha and cleared an estimated 1.5 tons of rubbish.

A total of 25 people were on hand to pick up the litter, around 35 per cent of which was recyclable according to the cleaners.

The outing was organised by the Coastal Cleaners Andalucia and P3 Ambiente groups. They claimed rubbish was deliberately being dumped at the site.


“Plastic and cardboard from local firms is being tipped on the group near their depot. It blows everywhere,” the groups told Sol Times in a statement.

“If they simply separated it, bagged the plastic and crushed the card a huge part of this problem would not exist,” they added.

The statement said the groups had been in talks with local councillors since January over the rubbish.

“Garrucha is a town renowned for its coastline and fish. It seems like complete madness that this issue is being ignored.

“Some simple containers would stop the rubbish spreading far and wide.” It is an eyesore and a danger to wildlife,” the group said.

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