Amazon picks Almeria for latest series

ACTION: Almeria’s port was picked for a scene ©Shutterstock

AMAZON Television has chosen key spots in Almeria city for shooting parts of its latest action drama series.

Hanna is directed by Sarah Adina Smith and co-produced by NBC, one of the United States’ most important broadcasting companies.

The programme narrates the adventures of protagonist Hanna and her English family as they tour Morocco and southern Spain in their caravan.


Filming in Almeria lasted around 12 hours first at the intermodal station and later at the city’s port.

The station scene captures Hanna – played by Esme Creed-Miles – saying goodbye to her family before they drive off onto the city’s streets, according to a statement from Almeria City Council.

Hungary, the Czech Republic, Morocco and also Almeria’s very own Tabernas desert are other locations the international television picked for filming.

Almost 40 people were involved in filming along with five vehicles, a base camp and other technical materials for Amazon’s new drama.

Almeria’s marketing minister, Carolina Latifa, was pleased with the province’s ongoing filming because it is great publicity and creates jobs for many people.

“We have regained the cinematic centerstage we held some years ago,” Latifa said.

“More and more directors and producers are choosing our city and province for scenes in their productions,” she added.

The municipality’s discounts are also helping to bring filming back to the province, according to the minster.

Amazon Prime is competing with Netflix to become the leader in an ever-growing subscription-based online entertainment market.

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