Almeria chosen for new Terminator film shoot

HE’S BACK: Locals are hoping to see Arnold Schwarzenegger ©Shutterstock

A PICTURESQUE Almeria fishing village will reportedly host a shoot for the new Terminator film.

There has been a lot of movement in Nijar’s Isleta de Moro peninsular in the last few weeks, according to local reports.

Workers have been busily trying to complete a series of hut on Del Rinconcillo beach in time for filming.


Security guards are all over the sets and those involved are under strict instructions to keep quiet about the film.

Locals said this is a sure sign something important is underway.

Almost all onlookers are convinced preparations are for the latest edition of the Terminator saga and some are hoping to catch a glance of movie megastar and ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It would not be the veteran’s first visit to Almeria province.

In 2014 he visited its capital to collect Almeria’s coveted ‘Tierra el Cine’ prize and to uncover his name engraved in the city’s walk of fame.

But he will be joined by American actress Linda Hamilton on this occasion in the film directed by compatriot Tim Miller.

Yesterday (Wednesday) a mighty machine was on the beach putting the rooves on the makeshift huts.

They are supposed to imitate those found on the Guatemala coastline, sources said.

And casting managers have employed extras with Latin American origins, including nationals from México, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia.

Some of them will have to board boats.

It became clear after potential extras were asked if they suffered from seasickness before being contracted.

Filming will begin on May 29 lasting two days.

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