Primark to open new shop in Almeria this year

NEW SHOP: Primark’s General Director for Spain and Portugal, Stephen Mullen has announced there will be a new store in Almeria

BUDGET store Primark has announced plans to open a new shop in Almeria later this year.

The current whereabouts of where the shop will be placed is not known, but Primark’s General Director for Spain and Portugal, Stephen Mullen, told Spanish media that the brand want to establish a balance between urban stores and those in shopping centres, with the majority currently housed in shopping centres.

The new store will be the second in Almeria after the shop in Roquetas del Mar’s Parque Comercial Gran Plaza, while it was also announced last year that there will be a store in the new Torracardenas shopping centre.


Spain, according to Mullen, is the second biggest market for the Primark in terms of sales, stores and employees.

Mullen also announced that the Primark also intend to open a new shop in Sevilla this year, while plans are also in place to open a new shop in Bilbao but the date and location for that store is still currently unknown.

The Irish firm currently has more than 350 shops in 11 countries including Ireland, Portugal Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, The United States and the United Kingdom while they also have more than 73,000 employees.

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