Pause to prepare


Life’s been a bit interesting these past couple of weeks!

Concerned at our increasing age, our daughters, knowing the remoteness of our Spanish home, have been encouraging us to consider a move, with questions like “How would Mum cope if anything happened to you, Dad?”

So, to pacify, knowing how long it takes to sell a property in this part of Spain, we made preliminary enquiries of a few local Estate Agents as to the possible value and potential difficulties in trying to sell our exceedingly unusual abode.


Imagine then our shock when a day or so later, one agent telephoned asking if they could visit, as my description closely matched the stated requirements of one of their clients. Worse (or better, depending on your outlook) was to follow, as just hours later, visit over, those clients confirmed their desire to purchase!

It was all so quick. We were utterly unprepared and found ourselves in disbelief, having to come to terms with the reality of moving from the home we’ve been developing and putting so much of ourselves into these past 15 years.

And where were we going?

We had absolutely no idea, except we wanted to stay relatively local whilst finding somewhere more suitable for impending old age. And, as any who know me might expect, under these circumstances I couldn’t help but think of the Bible, where I’m reminded of Abraham, having received God’s call, left home and family, having no idea where he was going.

Just when he might have expected to be putting his feet up and relaxing, God had other ideas, uprooting him and setting him in an entirely new direction. And he didn’t argue or worry, as is my tendency, but obeyed without question to incredible effect.

And it was this obedience, which we call faith, that resulted in Abraham over the centuries being revered by so many.

I don’t expect our move to have quite such a dramatic effect as Abraham’s, but I have no doubt that God has a few lessons and a purpose in mind.

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