How to deal with picky pets


LIKE children, pets rely a great deal on the food which you purchase and prepare for them, and like people, pets rely on a varied, healthy diet to be at their absolute best.

It is important to remember that, while animals have very different palates and nutritional needs, there is a core set of tenets that can serve well as the basis of your pet’s diet.

For all pets the fresher and less processed the food the better. While it may be cheaper and easier to purchase bulk processed foods, the bottom line is that they possess much less nutrients.


While cats are almost exclusively carnivores, dogs can take advantage of the vitamins and anti-oxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables, even though it may not be their favourite item on the menu.

Neither cats nor dogs function well with high volumes of carbohydrates and are particularly adverse to grains which will likely see them put on unwelcome weight.

Fresh, raw meat would be terrific to have handy for your pets and many brands offer this frozen with bio-available nutrients added in for extra benefits.

Although canned food loses some of its nutritional value it can be especially good for picky eaters. Finally a good multivitamin as advised by your vet will work wonders.

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