Emergency housesitter to the rescue – it’s twins!

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A FEW times a year people reach out to us with an emergency request for petsitters. Two weeks ago, a new homeowner contacted us with a very urgent request.

Her daughter who lives in Southampton, England, was about to have twins early and wanted her mum.

Mum (our client) had just moved to the Scottish Borders and didn’t know anyone locally well enough to find care for her cat and two dogs. Could we help them?


Housesitter email alert

We sent a housesitter email alert and asked our international network of housesitters and petsitters if anyone was in the vicinity and could step in to help within the week.

The property was a charming stone cottage in the Scottish Borders near the market town of Kelso, a car would be made available on condition the sitter would not leave the pets for more than five-hours alone per day.

We had three immediate applications from our network all offering to help at no charge to the homeowner. They would pay for their own travel and keep while they were there.

The successful candidate was a retired professor from America who had always wanted to spend time in Scotland.

She flew over as agreed, she looked after the pets, and the thankfully the healthy twins were greeted by their grandmother on arrival.

Success can take a little work but everyone in this story succeeded in some way through our collaborative effort.

The housesitters enjoyed Scotland for a 10-day working holiday, the pet owner found a caring sitter who was happy to be there and she saved about £500 in kennel fees with our trusted sitter.

Why join a network like HouseSitMatch?

HouseSit Match is a managed online network which we believe makes us more secure. We ID check all members on joining, and police check all sitters. We believe this transparency is safer for everyone.

How you benefit as a home and pet owner

Our membership offers a secure network to help you find suitable sitters. We don’t reveal your contact details or your address. You post an advert ahead of your travel dates, we publish the advert then housesitters apply. You can view their profiles and chat with them before you accept your choice of applicant.

How you do join?

Please register online via our website www.Housesitmatch.com

Choose a membership plan
Standard (DIY option) = £49 pa
Premium (with support at each step) = £79 pa

Do you need a house or petsitter? Get in touch. House-sitting can be a win-win for both parties, free house and petsitting, and the experienced and checked sitters get free accommodation!

Register as either housesitter or homeowner.

To find a house pet-sitter go to www.HousesitMatch.com

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