British Bounty: Hit series films in Almeria

STARS: Whitehall (right) and American, Rosie Perez (second left) star in the British series. ©Ayuntamiento de Almeria

BRITISH comedian Jack Whitehall has been spotted in Almeria shooting the second series of hit action-comedy series Bounty Hunters.

Whitehall, along with co-star Rosie Perez, is part of a 100- strong team which will spend three weeks in Almeria City filming the second series of the Sky One show.

Filming started on Tuesday in the neighbourhood of Pescaderia, with the small town meant to emulate a Mexican town where a lot of action takes place.


The first series followed the story of Barnaby Walker (Whitehall), a middle-class Londoner and the son of an antiques dealer.

But when his father is left hospitalised following a mysterious accident, Barnaby takes on the family business but a dodgy deal leaves him cash-strapped and determined to regain lost money.

He is soon introduced to Brooklyn bounty hunter Nina Morales (Perez) and the mismatched pair embark on a mission which sees their lives spiral out of control as they cross paths with police, dangerous criminals and even terrorists.

Whitehall and Perez took time to speak to Councillor for Promotion, Carolina Lafita, on the opening day of filming, who hailed the impact that the team’s decision to film in Almeria will have on the city.

She said: “They are a team of one hundred people, who will stay in our hotels, eat in our bars and restaurants, and make expenditures in shops.

“(It is) a further demonstration that cinema generates wealth and employment (in the region).”

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