A REAL KNOCK OUT: Charity group knitting cotton cancer implants

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: The Knitted Knockers group make cotton implants (inset) for women with breast cancer. ©Knitted Knockers

AN organisation that knits cotton ‘knocker’ implants for women living with breast cancer has said it is looking to
raise awareness of its work.

Knitted Knockers is a registered charity which provides its services to breast cancer patients, including those who have undergone operations due to the disease.

Andrea Lowe works for the group in the Almeria and Murcia provinces. Speaking exclusively with Sol Times, she said that she was inspired to get involved after meeting other members at an event in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.


“I’ve gotten very involved since. It’s a standing joke now that Andrea’s always going to get her knockers out!” Lowe said the organisation first began in Spain in around 2007 to 2008 after women were inspired by seeing similar cotton implants being made in the United States.

“Groups like ours are now in 27 countries worldwide. There’s others in Spain but we’re the only one that’s a legally registered charity.”

She added they were now seeking to promote its work and make women living with cancer aware of the services they offer.

“It’s a matter of pushing and getting the word out now. It’s a case of letting women know it’s a completely free service.”

Lowe said the knockers were made of cotton designed to offer a comfortable alternative to synthetic implants given to breast cancer patients.

Silicon implants are often given to women who undergo mastectomies to remove breasts as part of their treatment.

“I gave my first knocker to a lady recently. She went to try it on and she came back and said it would completely change her life,” Lowe said.

She added the group’s light-hearted approach towards living with the illness had also gotten a positive reception.

“When the ladies see the name and speak to us they tell us it’s wonderful that we can make a bit of a joke out of things.”

Lowe said the group offer many different types of cotton implant, including ones that can be readjusted by removing and adding stuffing.

“We also make ‘aqua knockers’ so that ladies can use them while swimming. Women use them for different purposes: some wear them part time or if they have just had an operation,” she added.

For anyone wishing to get involved could contact her directly, those interested can also visit the Asociacion Knitted Knockers Facebook page –
www.facebook.com/kkscostadelsol.org – for more information on the group’s work and upcoming events.

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