Girl power: Almerian women lead the way

LEADERS: The Fertinnowa team visited a research station in Almeria in May last year. ©@fertinnowa/Twitter

A GROUP of Almerian woman are currently leading an ambitious agriculture programme launched by the European Commission.

Known as the ‘Fertinnowa project,’ the group will be tasked with developing studies and research plans around the efficient use of waters and fertilisers.

The project is part of the EU’s Horizon 202 programme, which will see a total of 23 internationally renowned research groups from 10 different countries participate.


Researchers from Spain, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Germany, Slovenia, The Netherlands and South Africa will study the application of technologies in European agriculture models, focusing on the improvement and optimisation of irrgation and fertilisation of crops in different climates and areas.

Members of the Institute of Training and Agricultural Research and Fisheries (IFAPA), the Experimental Station of Las Palmerillas de Cajamar, and the University of Almeria make up the Spanish contingent; with a strong Almerian presence.

IFAPA’s Elisa Suarez will co-ordinate Fertinnowa Spain, while fellow IFAPA researchers Evangelina Medrano and Milagros Fernández join alongside Male compatriots Miguel Gimenez, Juanjo Magan and the University of Almeria’s Rodney Thompson.

Lola Gomez from Clisol Agro, who will attend as a Technical advisory board, completes the Almerian part of the Spanish group, which also includes Dolors Roca from IVIA Valencia and experts from the Citytex of Extremadura and the Agrarian Research Institute of Navarra.

Several key tests will also be carried out in Almeria as part of the programme.

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