Two men face prison sentence after one found hiding under van bonnet to gain access to Spain

HIDING: The man was found under the bonnet lying on a plastic sheet ©Guardia Civil

TWO men face up to four years in prison after one hid under the bonnet of the other’s Van as they attempted to enter the Port of Almeria undetected.

A 51-year-old man, known only as AEG from Hellin, Albacete and a 29-year-old man from Caceres, Morocco, allegedly tried to pass through the port with the Moroccan man hidden under a the Nissan Vannete’s bonnet.

According to Spanish media, the bonnet of the vehicle was also allegedly modified so that it could not be opened from the outside which led prosecutors to believe that the driver of the Van was an accomplice.


The pair allegedly modified the car’s engine to enable the Moroccan citizen to hide from Almerian officials and gain access to Spain.

Prosecutors reportedly claim that the man hidden in the van’s bonnet was in danger from both the car’s engine heat and the toxic fumes, which could have potentially poisoned him.

The two were picked up at the start of their journey from North Africa on January 3 last year.

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