Man arrested in Almeria after allegedly attempting robbery and falsifying crime

BIZARRE: The man is accused of theft and simulation of a crime ©Guardia Civil

THE Guardia Civil have arrested a 40-year-old man in Roquetas de Mar for an alleged attempted robbery and simulation of a crime.

Officers were informed of an attempted robbery at a tool company in Roquetas de Mar in November, after owners of the company called police warning them of a suspicious vehicle outside their shop.

According to reports, nothing had been stolen from the tool company, but the front door showed clear signs of attempted forced entry.


Surprisingly, the vehicle left outside the shop reportedly had one of its doors wide and the keys remained in the ignition.

In a bizarre turn of events, the man who owned the vehicle that was left outside the company later called police, claiming that his car had earlier been stolen.

The man reportedly claimed that while sitting inside his car parked on the street, two hooded individuals had approached the car with a weapon demanding that he give them the car.

However, officers realised that in his complaint, the alleged victim of the vehicle theft claimed that the incident involving the two hooded individuals occurred at 2am, but officers had already located the vehicle outside of the security company’s premises at 1:30am.

When officers reportedly confronted the man about the mismatch in information, he allegedly admitted that it was in fact him that had parked the car outside and left it after being spooked by lights of an approaching vehicle.

He has now subsequently been charged with crimes of theft with force and simulation of a crime.

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