Garrucha town hall begin rubbish pile clean up thanks to Brit’s Facebook appeal

RUBBISH: The huge pile of waste was discovered close to Tanatoria ©Jacqui Minns

THE AYUNTAMIENTO de Garrucha has begun cleaning up a huge waste pile in the region thanks to a Facebook appeal.

Brit Jacqui Minns recently posted in a local forum group asking for advice after finding a huge pile of waste close to Tanatoria.

It is believed that the pile of waste was caused due to fly-tipping in the area.


After seeing the post, Donna Parsons, originally from Wiltshire, contacted Jacqui and offered to help.

After coordinating, the pair got in contact with the Medio Ambiente, who later told the women that they are committed to cleaning up the mess.

Ms Parsons, who now lives in Vera Playa but has lived in the region for 18 years, told the Sol Times: “I first found out about the fly-tipping from a Facebook post on Mojacar Forum”

“I offered help to contact the necessary parties to get it cleaned up.

“I emailed Medio Ambiente in Almeria and Garrucha Ayuntamiento and the Medio Ambiente called me the very next day.

“They thanked us for bringing it to their attention and told me they were going to contact the local police at Garrucha Ayuntamiento.”

“Medio-Ambiente messaged me yesterday saying (that the) Garrucha Ayuntamiento has committed to cleaning the rubbish up.”

BEFORE AND AFTER: A part of the scene before the pair jumped into action (above) and now after the cleanup began. ©Jacqui Minns

And an official of the Ayuntamiento has now confirmed the clean up and that more security for the area is being discussed in order to stop the problem from happening again.

He said: “We were not aware of the problem until we were contacted by Ms Parsons via email”

“Work began as soon as we received images of the area.

“The waste is still not cleared but once it has all been removed we will look into putting up a fence around the area and potentially CCTV as well so that it is harder for people to drive in and dump their waste.”

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