Baza residents’ railway rally

TOO LONG: People held signs stating ‘33 years without trains is too much.’

RESIDENTS of Baza have rallied together in support of the return of the Lorca-Granada train service.

The rally commemorated the 33rd year of the closure of the Gaudix-Baza-Almanzora-Lorca railway line and locals held signs which said: ‘33 years without trains is too much.’ President of the Association of Friends of the Comarca (region) of Baza Railway, Antonio Francisco Martinez, said: “Just as illusion and desire are always stronger than hatred, constant work is stronger than unfair decisions that harm people, so the return of the train is closer today.”

The Association of Friends of the Comarca (region) of Baza Railway has been holding ongoing meetings at the Old Bastetan station in Baz about the reopening of the service.


They have also written, and publicised, a letter to the Deputy of Congress to request €1,620,000 in 2018 for a mandatory information study, which would reopen the development of train lines in southeast Spain.

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