76 traffic accidents every day, on average, in Almeria during 2017

INCIDENTS: A daily average of 76 minor accidents occurred in 2017 ©Shutterstock

THE PROVINCE of Almeria has an average of 76 minor traffic accidents a day, according to a new study.

A report released by the Insurance Business Organisation, Unespa, showed that there were a total of 27,812 minor claims in Almeria last year, averaging at 76 every day.

The alarming figure also represents a 1.71 per cent increase on the previous year.


Minor accidents are considered to be those that only end with material damage to the vehicles involved.

In the case of Almeria, Mondays are the days where most accidents occur, 90 on average, while Friday is also high for incidents, with an average of 88.

The report also showed that fewer accidents happen during Holiday periods, believed to be “due to the fact that sheet metal hits are usually the result of urban traffic and this becomes less dense in moments of rest.”

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