37 people rescued in Almeria after being trapped by snowfall

TRAPPED: The people were snowed in to a shelter known as the Ubeire in Fiñaña @GuardiaCivil

THE Guardia Civil and Local Police in Fiñana have rescued 37 people after they became trapped in a shelter due to excessive snowfall.

According to Spanish media, the 37 people had been staying in a shelter known as the Refugio Ubeire in the Fiñana region when they became trapped by snow.

They reportedly had cold-weather clothing as well as snow chains for their vehicles but the unexpected high snowfall on Saturday night, approximately 20 centimetres, left them snowed in.


Police were reportedly first alerted to the situation yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, when they learned that several families had become trapped in the Ubeire.

Officers moved to the shelter in off-road vehicles but reportedly had to go on foot along the road that leads directly to the shelter for an estimated kilometre due to the large amount of snow.

Once they eventually reached the shelter, police and Guardia Civil officers reportedly found all 37 people in good health, before safely escorting them away from the scene to the locality of Fiñana.

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