Paws for thought


INGE BROWN, Company Director/Accountant at Price Brown Estate Agents in Mojacar came up with a wonderful idea at the beginning of the year to help all local charities.

They kindly offered to donate €50 from each property listed with them during the month of October to help Paws-Patas. Chrissie Cremore (Communications Officer) and Kris Wessels-Coles (Acting Treasurer) gratefully received a wonderful donation of €500.

This is the first year that they have raised money from this idea – they have also supported MACS, Asprodalba – and in November they will be raising money for the Vera Orphanage Roof Appeal.


PAWS-PATAS is in desperate need of volunteers to work at the shelter, even if you can spare a few hours or one day a week to help care for the dogs please contact: 678 490 217. For all other enquires and information visit their website:

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