Special UNICEF meeting in Almeria

Diputacion de Almeria
IN ATTENDANCE: The meeting was attended by a number of members of the Diputacion de Almeria.

THE Diputacion of Almeria has hosted a special UNICEF Children’s Parliament to promote ‘World Children’s Day’.

The meeting, which took place on November 20, involved more than a hundred students of 1 Baccalaureate schools from IES Puebla de Vícar, IES Bahía de Almería and IES Azcona with the aim of highlighting the importance of preserving the rights of children locally and globally.

Vice President of the Council, Javier A. García, encouraged participants to defend their rights and opportunities and to build a fairer society.


“This activity has four significant purposes today: to make a much better province, a better country and ultimately a better world.”

UNICEF first launched World Children’s Day in 1989 to raise awareness about children’s rights and issues surrounding violence, health, poverty and education.

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