Spanish ITV car test to change

CHANGES: The ITV test in Spain. Photo credit: Shutterstock

ITV TESTS for private vehicles are set for a number of changes in 2018; it has been announced by the Spanish government.

The changes will come into effect on May 20, with an official statement stating that the MOT equivalent will be “more demanding” to detect cases of manipulation, with a particular focus on emissions.

Once the changes come into practice, ITV inspectors must hold a ‘Superior Automotive Technician’ qualification as a minimum.


Furthermore, if a vehicle has passed its technical inspection in any other European Union country, then it will now remain valid in Spain until the next scheduled review.

Every centre will now also be equipped with new diagnostic reading devices that will connect to vehicles´ onboard computers and will analyse their security systems to detect ´malicious software.

Finally, if a vehicle does not pass its ITV test, motorists will be able to take the vehicle to another centre for its second test, as opposed to having to use the same one as before.

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  1. Wonder if anyone know if you can get an ItV test on your Spanish registered car in Spain 1 calendar month before it runs out and if it passes get a 12 month plus ITV certificate. I know being an ex UK mot tester that is possible in the UK so wondered if Europe or parts of are the same.


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