Cataluña crisis causes rethink

SUSANA DIAZ: President of the Junta de Andalucia

PRESIDENT Susana Diaz has called for a rethink about Spain’s model of coexistence.

Discussing the situation in Catalonia, Diaz, said that “the most important task we have ahead is to turn a risk situation into an opportunity for all.”

During her speech at the Los Desayunos de Diario Córdoba forum, she highlighted that “this should be the collective commitment in the coming years, and the Andalucians “have to play our role according to what we have always done in the recent history of Spain.”


Díaz has indicated that Andalucia should play an important role and that “we must reflect on how to reform and improve so that we can continue together and better.”

She also added that Andalucians “will not allow anyone to rewrite our history” and stressed that “this is not the time for adventure” because it is one thing “to reform the Constitution and quite another is to throw overboard what so much work and effort has cost us to build together.”

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