Andalucia president’s promise for Almeria

SUSANA DIAZ: President of the Junta de Andalucia

PRESIDENT Susana Diaz has reaffirmed the commitment of the Andalucian government to the region’s municipalities by increasing their budget by by 7.8% percent.

The changes will take effect in the Junta’s 2018 budget with a total of 1,139 million euros assigned to districts.

Since 2011, the president said 3,780 million euros had been allocated to the city councils, and Andalucia is “the autonomous community that, in relative and absolute terms, supports municipalities the most”. Analyzing “the last consolidated years,” said Diaz, “in Andalucia one out of every four euros spent goes towards municipalities compared to throughout Spain.”


During a session of the Andalucian Parliament, Diaz emphasised that the Andalucian Government is “an example and model of respect for local autonomy and the participation of municipalities in the regional collection.”

Likewise, Susana Díaz stressed that it is essential to review the state regulations that oblige municipalities with a surplus to devote to paying debt and said that there are currently “65 municipalities with surpluses” in Andalucia.

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