Spring clean your cosmetics


CREAMS and cosmetics that are out of date could be a breeding ground for bacteria which can trigger unsightly dermatitis.

Bacteria from our hands cause infections to grow in beauty products and experts warn that it is advisable to throw anything out that is more than six-months-old.

It is also very important to cleanse the skin thoroughly to rid it of any creams or makeup.


Periol dermatitis is a common skin condition that is being seen more and more among men and women as men are beginning to use more facial creams than before.

Applying foundation to the skin is a common culprit. Many people apply it by dipping fingers into the product which have bacteria on them and transfer it to the product. Make-up, sun block, creams and moisturisers should not be kept longer than six months which according to dermatologists gives bacteria time to build up.

One doctor from the London Dermatology Centre explained that the use of steroids will only feed the bacteria, and many people are mistakenly using it because they assume that the rash is from eczema.

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