Safety measures for homes with children


HOMES can be full of dangers for the smallest members of the family.

Children are curious by nature and tend to explore their home and surroundings, ignoring risks they may face.

Statistics reveal that the kitchen, bathroom and living room are the most dangerous rooms in the house for kids, and the majority of visits to A&E are caused by domestic accidents. Yet a few simple steps can go a long way to making the home baby and child safe.


Bars and gates

Once they start to crawl, the dangers begin. Safety bars and gates can help avoid falls and should be placed on stairs, balconies, windows, doors, etc.

Safe sockets

Electrical sockets tend to be at a height which begs little fingers to explore. Various types of protectors can be found on the market, either to insert into the sockets or to screw or fit over the top.

Door and drawer locks

Specific child-proof products can be found to make sure small people cannot get into cupboards and drawers holding potentially lethal items such as cleaning products or medicines.

Bathroom risks

Slippery surfaces are dangerous enough for adults in bathrooms, let alone for children. Non-slip mats or stickers for baths and showers are a must, as are locks to stop tiny tots trying to learn to swim in the toilet.

Bath toys that change colour when the water is too hot are another great idea to avoid painful burns.

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