Produce transport protection requested for Catalonia-bound trucks

PROTECTION PLEASE: Andrés García Lorca (left) and a COEXPHAL official. Photo credit: COEXPHAL / Twitter

THE Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organisations of Almería, Coexphal, has met with the sub-delegate of the Government of Almeria, Andrés García Lorca, to request protection for trucks departing the province to Catalonia.

The organisation has expressed concern that the developments in Catalonia will affect the agricultural sector and Almeria’s transport of fruit and vegetables to Catalonia.

Shipments abroad are already being affected by the political unrest in the region, as well as general strikes in the area that are causing cuts to long truck stops supported by the Catalonian Government.


Coexphal has requested protection for shipments from Almeria and has shown support to the Spain Government to restore the constitutional legal framework, the rule of law and social stability.

Greenhouse horticulture and its trade are extremely sensitive to situations such Catalan situation, given their dependence on exports to the whole of Europe.

The organisation has warned that the on-going uncertainty in Catalonia is “seriously damaging the economic interests of the fruit and vegetable sector since when transporting perishable products any delay can affect the quality of fruit and vegetables.” They also advised that delays are damaging delivery deadlines stipulated in contracts with customers.

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