New police chief for Almeria

PRAISE: Antonio Sanz Cabelloa speaks. Photo credit: Twitter/ DGobAndalucia

THE Government representative in Andalucia, Antonio Sanz Cabello, stressed “the effort” and “great work” carried out by the National Police, in collaboration with the Guardia Civil and NGOs to “save lives and assist the immigrants arriving in boats.”

Sanz, who was speaking at the inauguration of the new provincial commissioner for the police commissioner in Almeria, Rafael Madrona, said the agencies act with “respect” to “safeguard Spanish and European borders, as marked by legislation in force and in accordance with the Schengen Treaty.”

According to data provided by the delegate, a total of 3,223 immigrants have reached the coast of Almeria, a sharp increase of 236 percent over the same period last year. While the number has spiked, he also thanked the National Police for the decline in the crime rate, which in the first half of 2017 in Almería was 42.9 crimes per thousand inhabitants, the lowest of over the last decade. Violent criminal offences were also down by 2.8 percent from the first half of last year.


Sanz addressed the agents and police officers present at the event, assuring them that “the Government values ​​and thanks the great work.” He issued assurances of the government’s continued support for their work.

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