Thief uses getaway bike after robberies


GUARDIA Civil caught a young man accused of at least two robberies in the space of one day. The two incidents took place in Nijar, and the suspect was given away by allegedly using the same getaway bike in each deed.

In the first incident the 21-year-old is believed to have attacked a woman as she left her Nijar home. He knocked her over and stole her purse, which contained personal items and around €90.

Her husband saw the mugging unfold from the couple’s balcony. He saw the thief escape on his bike and contacted police. His wife suffered minor injuries and was treated at a local medical centre.


Just hours later police were called to a burglary of a caravan just outside the town. Binoculars and €450 cash were stolen from the vehicle, which was also badly damaged during the break in.

Strangely the thief left his bike beside the caravan. Police noted it was the same one spotted by the husband of the earlier victim and began investigating. A young man was later seen matching the witness’s description and arrested.

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