Police follow their noses to stinky drugs find

DRUGS: Guerilla growing is an increasingly popular trend say police. Photo credit: International Carnographic

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested a man after residents complained about the smell coming from his property.

The 37-year-old is accused of growing cannabis in his Mojacar home.

The pungent stench of his home-made farm and the chemicals he used on it became so strong that residents of the Barranco Las Pepas neigbourhood were forced to make a complaint to police.


Officers attended the area and followed their noses to the property where they discovered a total of 14 marihuana plants as well as equipment used in their cultivation.

The illegal vegetation was found to be hidden among legal plants in a form of camouflage police refer to as ‘guerrilla cultivation’.

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  1. What a terrible crime and what fantastic neighbours for helping to make Mojacar a safer place (Sarcasm just in case you didn’t realise). Really!! 14 plants – hardly a major crime. I don’t smoke anything nor take drugs but surely this was for personal use and as not obvious to the public (apart from the smell I suppose), is it not permitted in Spain?


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