Mojacar’s record tourist season


MOJACAR has had a record tourist season with indicators pointing to the trend continuing until the end of September.

Hoteliers have reported a 97% of hotel occupancy rate across the summer. Mojácar has 10,000 hotel beds, a large number of rented accommodation and 467 registered homes for rent which total approximately 2,401 more official places. The year started well for the tourist sector in Mojácar and the key dates like Easter and official holiday showed optimal occupation.

From June to August 15, 16,152 people visited tourist offices in the city to make inquiries, gather local information and calendars of activities. 75% of the tourists served were from Spain, highlighting markets from Madrid, with a 24.4%, followed by Andalucia, with 15%, followed closely by Catalonia with 14.8% and Valencia with 11%.


Among international tourists, who account for 25% of the visits received in tourism, those from the United Kingdom stand out, with 36% and France with 30.5%.

Emmanuel Agüero, Councilor of Tourism of Mojácar City Council, considers this increase in visitors from more distant points such as the United States, Australia, Russia and Korea to the promotion of Mojácar on the official website of the City Council and social networks.

More than 41,300 people clicked the “like” button on their Facebook page, reaching 166,668 people in the period between July 19 and August 15, which is an increase of 138% on last year.

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