Almeria drought concerns addressed

MAYOR ON A MISSION: Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco (centre) at the council meeting. Photo credit Ramon Fernandez-Pacheco/Twitter

THE Agrarian Municipal Council, composed of representatives from public administrations, farmers, irrigators and agricultural companies, and presided over by the mayor of Almeria, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, has agreed to tackle the water shortage problem in the region.

The mayor advised that farmers who are now irrigating with desalinated water will not be able to count on this option for the 2020 campaign. It became known in May when the Junta de Andalucía cut off the supply of purified water used for the irrigation of the crops for 20 years.

The mayor is proposing a free offer of “land annexed for a treatment plant to build the infrastructure necessary to close the cycle of water with the system of tertiary use.”


The meeting agreed on a working constitution to “definitively solve the water problem in Almeria” and “would guarantee timely water so that the Almerian countryside does not have to worry about the supply, guarantee of quality water and, at the lowest possible price.”

The water problem in the region is an increasing problem due to rising issues with the allocation of water. Politicians of all parties have expressed a concern that the impact will knock onto consumer prices and availability of water if a distribution method is better arranged.

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