Once again, Mojácar took to the stage at the annual International Tourism Fair in Madrid. The general feedback from the major companies representing the hotel and accommodation sector at the Fair was very positive indeed. Moreover, it was the platform to represent Mojácar as a major tourist destination and the opportunity for the tourist representatives to participate in a number of professional meetings and events to help promote the brand image ‘Mojácar’.

MojacarElo_standOne of the initiatives highlighted was the new information web site for the whole Almeriense Levante (the eastern part of the province) which offers free promotional space to companies in Mojácar and the surrounding area. Additionally, at the stand of Turespaña, Mojácar was presented as one of the group of most beautiful towns in Spain to all directors of Spanish Tourist Offices both here and abroad. In addition, a formal agreement was signed with the high commissioner of the brand ‘España’.

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The 23rd annual presentation of the “Golden Indalo” awards also took place at the Fair, followed by positive media attention. The first 2015 winner was Rafael Hernando, for his support of the upcoming construction of the Phase 2 of the Mojácar Promenade (a project which has been ‘on hold’ for over 20 years). The other award went to Christiane Gohl, the internationally known author who writes under the pen name of Sarah Lark. Christiane has spread the name of Mojácar internationally and, actively promoted it as the perfect place to live to live all year round.

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