A REAL KNOCK OUT: Charity group knitting cotton cancer implants

AN organisation that knits cotton ‘knocker’ implants for women living with breast cancer has said it is looking to raise awareness of its work. Knitted Knockers...

Almeria to receive €2 million for storm repairs

ALMERIA is set to receive €2 million from the Spanish Government to help repair the serious damages caused by storms that hit the region...

Mojacar singing group announce spring concerts

Brit sentenced for selling ecstasy at Almeria festival

Man dies following car crash in Almeria

Mojacar maxed out over Easter

Almeria motor show rolls into town

Vera Lions to host first party in the park

Emergency housesitter to the rescue – it’s twins!

A FEW times a year people reach out to us with an emergency request for...

How to deal with picky pets

LIKE children, pets rely a great deal on the food which you purchase and prepare...

Court orders Almeria hospital to pay €500,000 to patient left blind and disabled

A COURT in Madrid has ordered compensation be paid to a 30-year-old patient who lost...

FILM REVIEW: Game night

COMPETITIVE couple Annie and Max are obsessed with board games and regularly host a games...

Star Trek: Discovery

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY has ended and, spoiler alert, the appearance of the U.S.S Enterprise in the last moments...

Enjoy your outdoor

WHETHER you have a pint-sized plot or a couple of acres, it’s important to make...

Sol Times Columnists

Brexit makes me angry, and you should be too

BREXIT makes me angry. It makes me very angry. This, as they say, might just be the proverbial understatement. There are no gritted teeth,...

It’s time to call Theresa May undemocratic

THE debate over Brexit isn’t about Brexit anymore. It’s about democratic accountability and the limits of referenda in modern politics. They are, bluntly, a fad....

Votes for life must only be the beginning

WHEN proposing better voting rights for expats abroad one of the most common questions is ‘why?’ The argument follows that if someone has left the...




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Donavon Nelson - Manager Maizie Williams on Boney M set for Almeria city show
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