Wonder Woman actress goes sightseeing

THE star of the sequel to the reboot of the superhero classic Wonder Woman has taken time out of her shooting schedule to see...

Wild West comes to Almeria with film festival in Tabernas

ENTHUSIASTS of Western films are set to head into the Tabernas desert from next Tuesday for the start of an annual film festival celebrating...

Police find body of woman in Almeria landfill site

Rally in Almeria City calling for no more migrant deaths

Unconscious beach hiker rescued in Almeria

Tributes continue to pour in for Elaine Brown

JAMES BOND 25: Title, cast and plot for next 007 film still under wraps

AHEAD of the next Bond film, the 25th in the franchise,  little is known other than...

Andalucia Junta grants Almeria City’s ‘Tapas Route’ regional tourist interest status

THE Junta de Andalucia has granted the status of regional tourist interest to Almeria City’s...

BLUE WINE: Almeria winemakers woo French with blue Vindigo

WINEMAKERS in Almeria have launched a blue wine which is currently being sold in the...

Aquatic gardening

BEMUSED aquarists may have noticed the proliferation of small plastic pots containing live aquarium plants...

EGGSHELLS: Simple gardening tricks

THERE are hundreds of minor tweaks and techniques you can make to improve your garden...

X Factor: It’s just a show?

PEOPLE ask me why I seem so aggressively anti X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent....

Sol Times Columnists

Pause for self-examination

MOST folk I meet readily concede that the “Ten Commandments” are among the most valuable of influences on our culture and attitudes to others.  Yet...

The joke is not on Ryanair

JOKES about Michael O’Leary’s airline help to keep us amused. A favourite is O’Leary’s observation that the price of a Guinness at his local...

Un-Economy #2

FRANCISCO could see that I was not best pleased about my gasless air-con unit. 'The pipe has a hole in it.' He assured me...


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