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Albox street improvements continue

ALBOX Council has announced that continuing street renovations are proceeding well throughout the town. New steel fences are being fitted and damaged pavements replaced to...

The rise of the social media wedding

“ARE we crazy, living life through a lens?’ said one of the great philosophers of our time. Well, it was Katy Perry. And it...

Andalucia to declare independence?

WHILE the Cataluña debate has continued to stir mixed passions among Spaniards, the curious prospect of Andalucian independence is also being flirted with by...

One small act of kindness

WRITING for media since the 1980s I am still clueless as to the news content strategy used by newspaper publishers to harvest more readers. Seeming...

Rules for tweeting politicians

IN an era where more and more people are getting their information courtesy of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, political parties and individual...

Benidorm police arrest on-the-run British man

LOCAL POLICE officers in Benidorm have arrested and detained fugitive Dave Grundy, the 53-year-old British citizen who had been on the run for five...

Watermelon beauty trends on Instagram

WATEREMELON BEAUTY is now a big trend on the social media platform Instagram – and it does looks pretty amazing... Speaking about her own unique...

Despite social media most still prefer face-to-face time with friends

RESEARCH HAS found that Brits have an average of between 100 - 200 social media followers, yet only 3-5 who they would consider ‘close’...

It’s snapping cats and dogs

PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR favourite pets and sharing them on social media can be a tricky business, not least because many of them refuse to sit...

Protect yourself from PC virus attacks

IN LIGHT of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack that brought large parts of the NHS to a standstill and infected computers all over the...
Facebook wants to read your mind

Facebook Wants to Read Your Mind

Facebook Wants to Read Your Mind As daily technology users, we all know typing can be boring and tedious - but what if you could...

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